Religious fundamentalism

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  • Religious fundamentalism
    • a literal belief and strict adherence to religious scriptures
    • characteristics
      • use modern technology, anti modern culture, believe creationism should be taught, unwilling to compromise, traditional conservative religious values, aggressive reaction
    • causes/ responses to
      • westernisation/ capitalism
      • liberalism
      • choice,consumerism and seculariation of religion
      • national identities being threatened
    • Bouman
      • due to uncertain post modern society, sacred texts offer holy truth, provides security, comfort
    • bruce
      • twofundamentalisms
        • west
          • response to liberalism, reassert religion
        • middle east
          • reaction to changes in society by the west. resist modernisation
    • Giddens
      • period of late modernity, uncertainty and risk.
      • cosmopolitainism
        • tolerance of others
        • some reject this, too riky, want rigid rules


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