Possible sources of error

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  • Possible sources of error
    • Systematic: inaccuracies in the calculated enthalpy change. Due to experiemtnal set-up or limitations of the equipment
      • Examples with calorimetry generally
        • Heat will be absorbed by the container, rather than going towards heating up the water
        • Some heat always lost to the surroundings
      • Examples with flammable - liquid calorimetry
        • Some combustion may be incomplete - means less energy will be given out
        • Some of teh flammable liquid may escape by evaporation (usually quite volatile)
    • Random errors: arise from measurement uncertainities
      • E.g. mass of water or the recorded temperature
      • To deal with this repeat experiment and take an average
    • ACCURACY 'how close to the true value'
    • RELIABILITY 'how reproducible'
    • Repeating an experiment shows whether your results are reliable


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