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  • Experimental method to find enthalpy of combustion of a liquid
    • Spirit burner containing the liquid is weighed
    • To extrapolate graph
      • Draw line through first 5 points and extend to at least 3 minutes
        • Draw line from max temp to final temp and extrapolate backwards to before time when burner was lit
          • Measure difference in heights between these two lines at teh time when heating started. Difference in triangle H
    • Possible sources of error
      • As the experiment takes a long time, not all the heat is lost to the surroundings is compensated for by the extrapolation of the graph
        • Some of the heat released in burning heats up the air and not water
          • Beaker absorbs some of the heat produced
            • Incomplete combustion - soot at bottom
              • Conditions are not standard
    • Diagram
    • Calculating standard enthalpy changes of reaction formula that allows it to be calculated from data


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