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  • poppies
    • overview
      • its a monologue and reads like a story , where a mother is grieving for he loss of her soldier son.
      • she looks back to his childhood and remembers his excitement for life ahead, he is killed in battle tho and
      • at the end she is drawn to the war memorial and wants to hear his voice again.
    • structure and form
      • free verse - to capture the thoughts of the mother as they crowed her mind.
      • 4 stanzas, 2 at the end and 3 linked by enjambrment to create pause
      • "slowly melting" felt dissolves and can be reformed just as she is trying to do, find a way to carry on.
    • language and imagery
      • poppies is a symbol of remembrance she remember time when she pinned a poppy on her son, " i pinned one on your lapel"
      • spazams of paper red suggest her son died a tragic death red= death
      • uses textile images "crimped" - jagged edges nd also means a military term coheresed  / forced into the army.
      • "like a wishbone" - wishing he was still alive the bond between mother and son has been broken.
      • written from a woman's perspective hence the textile imagery


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