Political Considerations

Political copnsiderations

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  • Political Considerations
    • There is little doubt that Alexander was influenced by political considerations
    • His father Nicholas I had maintained a strict regime yet for all the repression he had been unable to prevent people starting to stand up against him and help politicise the intelligentsia, this bred undercurrents of disloyalty.
    • It was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the standard of control that Nicholas had demanded.
    • The peasant unrest had escalated in the lead up to the Crimean war because landowners were pushing for the serfs to produce more and they protested against military conscription.
    • There had been more than 300 peasant uprisings plus murders of landowners and bailiffs had become more common, threatening the social stability of the countryside.
    • The Russia social structure seemed to be doing nothing to help the nobility, the people upon which autocracy depended on.
    • Nobles' incomes were falling and, whilst they remained dependent on their serfs they lacked incentive to work or do anything e.g. business ventures.


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