LT1 - Duffy Pugh comparison - social and political issues

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  • Political and social issues
    • Duffy 1.         A HEALTHY MEAL
      • Third person narrator... interesting as narration is 1st person belief/ opinion
        • Carol ann duffy is a strong minded vegan/veggie. Reflects her own opinions of meat eating
          • Sarcasm/ mocking/ scathing  tone: "calf to veal in four attempts" (to cover up what we eat) ie calf call cell vell veal.
      • Internal rhyme,free verse.
      • Characterisation : man " a fat man...sweat" woman: "chewing suckling pig..."
        • onomatopoeia "belch", listing
          • Ends with idiom, slogan to remind readers that they are animals/ savage for consuming creatures.
      • Satire on habit of eating meat... increasingly controversial
        • Animal welfare movement concerning veal (1980's) after photos of calves tethered in crates unable to move
          • Duffy expresses her disgust @ the gluttony through poem SIBILANCE swiSH, oxtailS languiSH diSH
    • Pugh 1. BIOLOGY 3
      • Addresses the issue of how humans have exploited resources (including animals)
        • "seals have fur and big eyes and therefore count as a resource: the aesthetic argument" CAESURA creates tension reflecting the tension between nature activists and polititians
    • Connection: Exploitation of nature and animals
    • Duffy 2. SHOOTING STARS
      • Critisising society for forgetting about this awful period of history. Suggests distance in time should not cause us to forget
        • Repetition of "remember" "Remember" and CAPITALISES it drawing attention to vital status of cultural collective memory
        • Rhetorical question: "how would you prepare to die....perfect...evening..graves" questioning morality.
          • counterpointed impulses of life and death presentes in season of spring (in nature) "perfect april eve" vs ominous "graves"
      • Dead"no longer speak" (euphemistic) female first person narration speaks of holocaust experience of being a Jew. Second person is addressed "you would not..."
        • AMBIGUOUS TITLE  Yellow star of david is a naional symbol for Jews - especially used by nazis as identification
          • appropriating a cherished emblem of cultural identity for horrific purposes
          • Metaphorical connotation: shooting stars = hope ... hope that history will not repeat itself/ hope society remembers
      • During WW2 nazi's implemented a systematic programme of murder on an industrial scale in death camps such as Auschwitz.
        • Stanzaic enjambment: he loosened// his belt.
      • Internal rhyme "click", "trick" and "trickled" rolls easily off tongue, reecreates unexpected near silence surrounding moment. Eldues to mental torture.
    • Pugh 2. CAMERAMAN
      • Narrator adresses cameraman directly, lexical set of suffering, but not blameful
      • "Don't be tempted to turn the camera inward"
        • Be the "itch in others" ie make other people feel what you feel when you see this
    • Connection: Both address issue of opening societies eyes to the horror of suffering in war ^ or poverty v (awareness)


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