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  • Adoption of personas
    • DUFFY 1. Standing female nude
      • First person narrative, prostitute - dramataic monologue
        • Title "standing female nude" standing: manifesto signifying confidence in a world where women are marginalised and metaphorically remain seated. Nameless (man named Georges)
      • DOESNT enjoy what she's doing "6 hrs like this for a few franks" aggressive sounding alliteration
        • Ambivilance in attitude toward Georges "we both make our living how we can" use of inclusive pronoun indicates Duffy's deeper intention (political issues)
          • Shows persona to be contemptuous of exploitive treatment: interjections of georges reveal he is only focused on his work "thin...this is not good" -
            • This mirrors Carol Ann Duffy's own issues relating to the body and sexuality, being a feminist.
              • CAESURA: conveys sarcastic tone
      • Duffy uses terminology to feminist advantage
        • SARCASM  "I shall be presented analytically" defiant though casual tone - Georges was thought by the bourgeoise to be a genuis
      • Despite thrall of men the persona demonstrates power "little man you've not the money for the arts I sell"
        • Reduction in status, sexually dismissive, implied comparison with bigger men
    • DUFFY 2. Oppenheim's cup and saucer
      • Female persona retelling a sexual encounter with another woman - unpunctuated interjections from lover "this is your cup, she whispered"
        • CONTEXT: surealist object inspired by conversation between Oppenheim and picasso. Picasso "u can cover anything with fur" Oppenheim "even this cup"
          • Made chinese gazelle fur covered cup creating a sensuous, sexually punning tableware out of what once was feminine genteel items
            • Duffy employs this into her own persona, her lover asks her to "luncheon in fur" - a sophisticated metaphore for oral sex
        • Short, 4 couplets, the even number perhaps echoing the equality within the relationship
          • Demotic style and yet nonetheless elegant voice created through the persona
      • Far from the loud laughter of men - Metaphorical and literal
      • Rhyming couplets and sibilance: the slim rope of her spine/ mine
        • Rope symbolical of a life line
    • PUGH 1. Eva and the roofers
      • Title: In contrast to Duffy's prostitute, the persona Eva is named whereas the featuring males, the "roofers"are not
        • Unlike Duffy's persona, Eva takes afvantage of this power, shifting "accidentally on purpose"
          • Juxtaposition gives persona a lighthearted tone reflecting the position of power she holds over the roofers - she is in control of the experience
    • PUGH 2. Senesino Farinelli
      • Titles significance: Two italian opera singers in the 18th century - rivals.
        • Dramatic monologue: voice of senesino - Pugh has carved her persona straight from a well known male opera singer
          • Wheras Duffy's persona is more of an independant creation, influenced by history - reflecting the nature of her attitudes concerning her feminist beliefs
    • Connection: Use of female personas to address the issue of objectifying the female body
    • Connection: Both take influence from historical figures in forming their persona's.


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