Duffy and Pugh Themes

A mind map of all the prominant themes, and which poems would be the best for comparisions within each theme

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  • Themes
    • Identity
      • Duffy- Whoever She Was, Dear Norman, Shooting Stars
        • Whoever She Was: Children are identity as they dominate her, lost identity as they've left her
        • Dear Norman: She creates his identity because of failing sexual relationship with Norman
        • Shooting Stars: Lost individual identity because of the mass killings
      • Pugh- Hello, Inter City Lullaby
        • Inter City Lullaby: Trying to find identity as you've grown up
        • Hello: Isolated from society, losing his identity
    • Time/Past
      • Duffy- Whoever She Was, Shooting Stars, Originally, Mrs Midas
        • Whoever She Was: Children have grown up, no longer need her
        • Shooting Stars: Tragic World event that won't be forgotten.
        • Originally: How over time you forget your past life/identity
        • Mrs Midas: Remembering life with her husband when he was 'normal'
      • Pugh- MSA, Sweet 18
        • MSA: Two time zones
        • Sweet 18: Someone growing up, time is taking away their innocence
    • Women/Men (also power)
      • Duffy- Girl Talking, Shooting Stars, Lizzie Six, Mrs Aesop
        • Girl Talking: Man is dominant through ****
        • Shooting Stars: Men dominant through murder and ****
        • Lizzie Six: Man is dominant through **** and stanza structure
        • Mrs Aesop: She's dominant as she's threatening her husband, but her voice is his discourse.
      • Pugh- MSA, The Haggard and the Falconer
        • The Haggard and the Falconer: Man trying to dominate woman, fails.
        • MSA: Man remembering how much he loved woman
    • Money/Wealth
      • Duffy- Mrs Aesop, Standing Female Nude, Making Money
        • Mrs Aesop: Money is negative- destroyed their relationship
        • Standing Female Nude: All because she's poor
        • Making Money: Presented negatively
    • Politics
      • Duffy- The Dolphins, Weasel Words, Comprehensive
        • The Dolphins: Politics have made individuals lose their identity- we're captive.
        • Weasel Words: Satire, politicians shown as liars
        • Comprehensive: Politics have destroyed childhood innoncence
      • Pugh-MSA, Official Briefing
        • MSA: Politics result in war
        • Official Briefing: Political spin on religious story, against the ministers, even though it's their voice.
    • Religion
      • Duffy- Girl Talking, Shooting Stars, Comprehensive
        • Girl Talking: Critical view on the Islamic faith, their customs and bias towards men.
        • Shooting Stars: View on the Jewish faith, creates sympathy.
        • Comprehensive: Shows racism, easy to comment on structure!
      • Pugh- Religion 1, Official Briefing
        • Religion 1: Questions Genesis, represents Earth as the Garden of Eden
        • Official Briefing: Perspective is changed when we realise religious story.
    • Education
      • Duffy- Education for Leisure, Head of English, Mrs Tilscher's Class
        • Education For Leisure: Education system has failed him.
        • Head of English: Jealous of poet as unhappy in job
        • Mrs T's Class: She represents childhood innocence, shows children growing up
      • Pugh- Cameraman, History 1
        • Cameraman: Educating the world on political affairs
        • History 1: Based on the 'Naked Ape' novel, becoming self conscience-aware- 'mirror phase'
    • Death/Loss
      • Duffy- Shooting Stars, Originally, Lizzie Six
        • Shooting Stars: Loss of life and dignity
        • Originally: Loss of memories, former life
        • Lizzie, Six: Loss of dignity and childhood innoncence
      • Pugh- MSA, What Christie Wrote when the Child Died
        • MSA: Loss of innocence, life and love
        • Christie: Life, opportunities and a child
    • Childhood
      • Duffy- Girl Talking, Lizzie Six, Mrs T's Class
        • Girl Talking: Loss of childhood innocence due to adults
        • Lizzie, Six: Loss of innocence due to parent
        • Mrs T's Class: Kids growing up, teacher represents innocence
      • Pugh- Sweet 18, Christie Wrote when the Child Died
        • Sweet 18: Innocence taken by age and time
        • What Christie Wrote: Innocence taken by death


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