Duffy and Pugh: Themes and Connections

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  • Themes
    • Identity
      • Whoever She Was + Old Widowers
        • We define ourselves through our loved ones... we are lost without them.
      • Originally + History 1
        • The 'self' is partially determined by where we come from... Severing the connection with your original home can = identity loss.
    • Violence
      • Education for Leisure + Shooting Stars
        • Society can cultivate violent individuals.
      • Shooting Stars + Torturers
        • There is no question of the devastating effect of violence on the individual... But can we ever forgive the perpetrators?
    • Politics
      • A Healthy Meal + Cameraman
        • Society turns away from problems; hypocrisy
      • Education for Leisure + She was 19 and she was bored
        • Is society responsible for violence, or is that not a valid excuse?
    • Power
      • Dear Norman + Tree of Pearls
        • Power is fragile... (Masks insecurity, or is easily destroyed...)
        • Standing Female Nude + Eva and the Roofers
          • Do women need men to feel powerful, or do women gain the most power by withholding part of themselves?
    • Change
      • In Mr's Tilscher's Class + Paradise for the Children
        • Change is painful but inevitable...
      • Originally + History 1
        • If we change - particularly if we change unnaturally - we can lose our self-identity.
    • Isolation
      • Boy + Old Widowers
        • Isolation makes people vulnerable, reduces them to children.
      • Education for Leisure + She was Nineteen and She Was Bored
        • Society tends to reject and isolate  certain types of people, leaving them lonely, and desperately searching for some kind of self-worth
    • Journeys
      • Originally + History 1
        • Journeys can change people completely, leading to them forgetting who they once were
      • The Way My Mother Speaks + Harbours
        • Often we undertake journeys in a search for something unattainable, or lost in the past...
    • Memory
      • In Your Mind + History 1
        • We can never return to the places we remember, though we might want to...
      • Whoever She Was + Annie Christina
        • Is memory adequate for remembering and defining a person?
    • Childhood
      • Lizzie, Six+ Sweet 18
        • Loss of childhood innocence can be destructive
      • In Mrs Tilscher's Class + Paradise for the Children
        • Childhood is precious, but it is inevitable that it will come to an end
    • Relationships
      • Oppenheim's Cup and Saucer + Sweet 18
        • Desire can be both a life-affirming aspect of a relationship, or destructive
      • Dear Norman + Tree of Pearls
        • It seems that people are lost without relationships, despite trying to convince themselves otherwise
    • Relationships between men and women
      • Boy + Old Widowers
        • Men are emotionally dependent on women
      • Standing Female Nude and Eva and the Roofers
        • Men can objectify women (positive and negative...)
    • Desire
      • Standing Female Nude and Eva and the Roofers
        • Desire used to gain power
      • Oppenheim's Cup and Saucer + Sweet 18
        • Affirmative vs Destructive desire


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