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Love/Relationships Duffy ­ Eley's Bullet Duffy ­ Oppenheim's Duffy ­ Words, Wide Pugh ­ Eirik The Red
Cup and Saucer Night (Pg 86)
(Pg 79) (Pg 22)
A man called Eley is Erotic lesbian poem Someone speaks to a A Viking comes back
SUBJECT MATTER having an affair with a…

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sexual, but the repeated
use of pronouns in the
poem imbues an
overwhelming sense of
Dramatic monologue:
giving voice rather than
constructing images. In
this way, she challenges
the masculinist
representations of female
identity that pervade
historical and literary
discourse, and women's
lived experience.
"Eley found a bullet with…

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"Slid over his skin as he.." They build their own Awesomeness of the hardship but lost her
­ The alliteration and female identity far from universe, she feels that through a priest, ironic
extent of detail gives a the uncomprehending the room is this space. her lost her to religion…

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seemed to recognize and In this stanza the poet
ended the affair. uses powerful imagery to
"His dog trembled under capture her emotions of a
his hand" ­ Once again blend of sadness, love
creating a sense of and loneliness, by
foreboding and unease. describing singing an
That something bad…

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heat that comes with
"His fingers counted the
beads on her back" ­
Simile which is poetic and
lyrical, expressing love.
"she was" "she told him"
"she tried" ­ seems
methodological, repetitive,
things can only go in one
direction, chilling and flat
"Latin" ­ Reference to a

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sex and sexuality of the and `night'.
lovers. The use of various
technical terms is used to
kick the poem off with
emotion and emphasis.
Lines 2 & 3 is a rhyming

Excitement at the start. Sensual. Wishful. Resentment.
TONE Ends with a depressing Nostalgic. Longing for lost live.…

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and silenced figures,
reinscribing mythic and
historical discourses with
a vocal female figure in
order to reject the
rendering of woman as
an aesthetic construction.
Rewriting the canonical
love poem to
demonstrate its
ineffectiveness to
express, and to include,
female homosexuality,
she undermines this
traditionally male arena
and claims it…

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Woman's Duffy ­ Standing Female Duffy ­ Mrs. Lazarus Duffy ­ Mrs. Aesop Pugh ­ The Haggard And
Nude (Pg 20) (Pg 135) (Pg 141) The Falconer
Sexuality Bible story from Lazarus' Duffy imagines what it A man is training his
SUBJECT MATTER Female/Male dominance. imaginary wife viewpoint. would…

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Title reveals I had grieved" ­ Past "By Christ, he could bore "he sits up and starves" ­
LANGUAGE/DICTION/ objectification of women tense shows that she has for purgatory" ­ religious shares the experience
IMAGERY and their position in already experienced grief, overtones meant in a with the hawk.

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he. "noosed the double knot as everything he sees
"He posses me on of a tie round my bare suggests yet another
canvas" ­ lack of control, neck" ­ suicidal? Or boring story with a moral.
her image is stolen as he taking on the man's role. "What Race? What…





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