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  • Political Parties
    • Cornerstone ‘Faith, Flag ad Family’ – Nationalist, Christian and traditional
    • Tory Reform Group – left leaning, social-cohesion, one nation, rights
    • Conservative Way Forward – neo-liberal, Thatcherite, free market, low taxes
    • Momentum – left-wing, Corbynites, distribution of wealth, nationalisation, higher minimum wage, anti-nuclear
    • Blue Labour – working class, support conservatism, British Values, anti-EU, anti-mass immigration
    • Neutral Think Tank – centre for social justice, Left-wing – Fabian Society, Right-wing – Adam Smith Institute, Liberal – Liberty
    • Jeremy Corbyn elected as popular with party members but not with Labour MPs
    • Theresa May popular with party members and MPs, her competitors dropped out.
    • 2017 Tory manifesto sought mandate for Brexit negotiations.
    • Labour policies 2017 – free tuition fees, 100 billion investments in infrastructure projects, cap on what elderly pay for social care, 2% GNP paid in overseas aid, 300,000 homes a year for 5 years, end arms sales to Saudi Arabia
    • Labour contributions from Trade Unions amounted to 11 million in 2014-2015
    • Between 2015 and 2017 Tory party received 11.3 million from prominent figures and companies, plus 3.6 million from property companies. UNISON donated 380,000 to Labour party.
    • 2015 SNP won 56/59 Westminster seats in Scotland
    • In 2015 UKIP won 12.6% of popular vote
    • 2017 82.4% of votes for the two main parties


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