Significance of political parties in Congress

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The significance of political parties in Congress
It is important to remember that many politicians put their
constituents ahead of their party and ideology, to ensure their re
election. This is especially prudent in the House of
Representatives, where they must face the vote every 2 years. The
parties do not have as much as power as the UK parliament.
However, parties in Congress do still hold some significance:
Political parties in Congress: significance
· Members are often their most effective when they are
committee members or committee chairmen. This can only
be achieved if the party has the most seats in the chamber,
and helps to have some sort of party loyalty to be elected to
these positions.
· Each of the last House Speakers have had their own strong,
overt, ideological agenda, for example John Boehner is a
conservative Republican.
· When Congress and White House are controlled by the same
party, there is often less rigorous oversight of the executive,
thus proving that parties and ideologies are important to
oversight. This is demonstrated to the Democrats in
Congress in 2007, who rigorously questioned several
Republicans on Iraq.
· There is evidence of increasing members voting along the
party line and voting in line with party ideology. For
example, in 2013 the Republicans in the House voted 92% of
the time with the party, and similarly the Senate Democrats
voted 94% of the time with the party.


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