Parties in context and A summary of political parties


UK Political parties in context 

  • UK multi party, due to rise of Lib Dems in 2010, coalition 
  • However more recentely it has died down, 2015 tory landslide
  • Getting more multi party, UKIP getting 12.6% of the votes in 2015
  • Howevr due to electoral FPTP system, only converted into one seat
  • Political parties from outside groups can infliuence government, SNP getting 56 seats in 2010, influencing the 2014 Scottish referendum
  • However since then they have decline, 2017 lost 21 seats
  • Multi party system evident in current parliament, 2017 deal with DUP by the conservatives 
  • However DUP dont have realistic control over setting agenda or policy, can only vote it down 


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