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Voting behaviour -

Why do people vote the way they do?

Is it because people identify with a particular party? The Party Identification Model Is it because people’s voting habits are shaped by social factors? The Social Structures Model Is it because people make rational choices? The Rational Choice Model OR Are people influenced by the context of the election? The Voting Context Model When people don’t vote, is it Apathy? maybe its tactical Voting? The Party Identification Model - People identify with a political party - for lots of reasons - and stick with that party for life. 1950s - 90%+ of voters felt a strong party attachment to either the Conservative or Labour Parties. 1997 - less than 75% of voters felt a similar attachment. This process is known as PARTISAN DEALIGNMENT.   WHY DOES IT HAPPEN ^ ? Voters are tired of the two main parties. Voters have an increased awareness of political issues. Better education. Voters less likely to think in class terms. Some voters no longer identify with party.


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