Phillip II Spain: The Great Power 1556-98 Part 2

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  • Phillip II Spain: The Great Power 1556-98 France
    • 1593 H of Navarre converted to Cath. + had majority vote
    • 1560- Series of wars due to Protestantism,weak monarchs, Nobles and factions
    • 1590  Parma forced to enter Navarre to lift his siege of Paris
    • 1595- Captured Calais, led to French+ English alliance against Phillip
    • Initially involved in continuation of Haspburg- Valois conflict
    • Concern w/ amount of Protestants in France
    • 1559 Treaty of Catuea-Cambresis marriage alliance w/ Elizabeth Valois to keep peace
    • 1562 French wars of religion led by Cath. family of Guise vs rivals for political power (mainly Bourbon family Protestant)
    • Phillip supported Catholic cause
    • Henry of Navarre becoming heir to the throne set back Phillip's hopes as it could lead to Protestantism in France + implementation of anti-Spanish policies
    • 1584 Signed Treaty of Joinville w/ French Cath, League to prevent H of Navarre from becoming King
    • 1590 King of France assassinated + 1592 Farnese ordered to intervene (by Phillip) from Neth. to prevent H of Navarre taking the throne
    • Spanish troops sent to Brittany
    • To ensure Catholic rule Phillip put his daughter Isabella forward for French Throne
    • French supported new King to expel Spanish Forces (brief war but not victorious)
    • 1596 Phillip bankrupt
    • Treaty of Vervins 1598 ended war+ confirmed main clauses of Treaty of Catuea-Cambresis


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