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The Legacy of Henry VIII

Religious Social Economical/Financial

He tried to excluded Mary and Elizabeth
out of the Succession
1533-4 one of his greatest
Conducted factional rivalries with his privy
achievements by breaking away
council in order to make decisions for
from the Church of Rome to create

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He had an aggressive approach to Scotland. He wanted Mary Queen of Scots and Edward to
marry in order to create positive relations with them with England.
He defeated Scotland in the Battle of Pinkie in 1547 and built garrisons and forts there
Debasement paid for the war causing inflationary…

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He did operate with efficiency had his key administrator was William Cecil. He achieved sustainability
in finances and increased the revenues of Churches and financial administration. This didn't come into
play until Mary I's reign though. He used the Coup to remove Somerset off power.

Religious Policies Economic/Financial Policies Social…

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Altars, the replacement of images and crucifixes were all set up
Parishes were happy to go along with her illegal actions of conducting catholic services
Changes were not universally accepted by troubles in Kent, London and Essex etc.

When Mary started she appointed 50 councillors during her
reign which may…

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Any clergy men who married were deprived of all their livings which were a ¼ overall. Others
gave up their wives. (Cardinal Pole is the Arch Bishop of Canterbury). She reversed the Act of
the Attainder (could declare an individual guilty of treason and their property could be
fortified to…

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Policies Under Mary I What were they?
Revenue administration Implemented changes to finances and there were new policies to grow money such as t
Book of Rates 1558 which increased custom revenues
Re-coinage Dealing with problems caused by debased coins within the economy. The implementati
this was put off due…

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On the 17th of November Mary's Lord Chancellor announced her death and proclaimed Elizabeth to
the succession. At this stage her catholic subjectives would remain loyal. She appointed Lord Cecil to
be her principle secretary and established a partnership with the Government. Her friend Robert
Dudley was appointed Master of…

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Act of Supremacy 1559 Restore the Supremacy of the Church Restored the legal position of the
which was removed in Mary's Reign. crown. Gave legislative authority to
the crow to act upon church
Act of Uniformity 1559 Restore a single form of worship New prayer book, communion table

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seen as daft and each parish church should purchase an English Bible and the commentaries translated
in English. She disapproved of Clergy marriages.

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The significance of the Church settlement

Improvement of internal affairs by March 1559 as peace negotiations were made at the Câteau of
Cambresis so parliament reassembled after Easter. Clergymen were ordered to form a new
protestant service. N EA LET HO UG HTS H ES EE NT HES E TTL…


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