Phillip II Spain: The Great Power 1556-98 Part 3

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  • Phillip II Spain: The Great Power 1556-98 England
    • 1554-58 Marries Mary Tudor (nominally King of Eng.)
    • 1561- Stops Pope excommunicating Elizabeth
      • Seeks Elizabeth's hand in marriage
      • Keeps Mary Queen of Scots off throne (she had close ties to the French)
    • 1567-80s relations more hostile as Eng. assumes role of Defender of European Protestantism
    • 1567- Alva in Neth.- Elizabeth beilives threat to Eng. security
    • 1568- English sieze Spanish ships on way to Neth.
    • Eng. fund rebels in Neth. (money/mercenaries)
      • Sir Francis Drake attacks Spanish ships
    • Mid 1580s
      • Total collapse of Anglo-Spanish relations
      • England's piracy in West-Indies
      • 1595- Phillip seizes all English ships from Spanish ports
        • Treaty of Nonesuch- formal alliance w/ English+ Dutch
      • Elizabeth responds to Spanish success under Duke of Parma
        • Lends money to troops
        • Believed Neth. a stepping stone to Spanish invasion
        • Response to Phillips alliance w/ FRench Cath. League in 1584 (ToJoinville)
        • Response to Assassination of William of Orange
    • Phillip orders Armada to be built
      • 1588 Aims Of Armada
        • 1) Restore Catholicism in Eng.
        • 2) End Eng. piracy
        • 3) Break alliance w/ ENg. and Dutch
      • Armada= disaster, Further Armadas (1596-97 both inaffective
    • 1587- Mary Queen of Scots executed


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