Phillip II 1556-98 Morisco Revolt

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  • Phillip II 1556-98 Morisco Revolt
    • Fifth Column (enemy from within)
    • Hostility from Christians
      • Many didn't convert
      • Fear they would aid Islamic invasion of Spain
      • grouped togethr to survive hostility
    • 1570
      • all 2500 inhabitants of Galera slaughtered when captured by Don John
      • Morisco leader killed by own supporters - end of revolt elsewhere
      • Monfies (fanatical Morisco fighters)
      • Turned into Civil War rebels attacks on Christians
    • 1567
      • Moriscos forbidden from using Arabic, wearing distinctive dress, reading Moorish literature + following trad. customs
      • All best soldiers fighting in the Netherlands
    • Began Christmas Eve 1568
      • Caused by position of Morisco
      • Government action toward them due to political position in NA
    • No plan on how to deal with revolt
    • First cause of Morisco discontent because 1550s-60s Spanish gov attacked Morisco's principle source of income


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