Phillip II Council of Trent 1545-63

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  • Phillip II Religion 1556-98 Council of Trent
    • Tridentine liturgy: religious beliefs of CC agreed
    • Behind the reforms in the Church
    • Had little impact in countryside
    • Led to re-conversion of Spain
    • Religious uniformity increased through strengthening of Bishops power
    • Seminars set up to train train + educate priests
    • Many forms of worship in remote places of Castile + many priests were illiterate/ poorly educated
    • Set up between 1545-63 (19th Ecumenical council)
    • Clergy encouraged to rid themselves of sensual images and white wash walls
    • Secular Priests to wear vestments as a sign of special order
    • Used Inquisition to punish Catholics who committed rel. crimes


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