Philip II Domestic Policy Failures

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  • Philip II Domestic Policies
    • Religion
      • 1590s-Records of Inquisition show little Christian understanding despite mass reforms on education of clergy
      • Efforts to improve Christian education of Moriscos was unsuccessful
      • Bad Papal relations meant that some ideas couldn't fully be implemented
    • Government
      • 1571- Philip had to process 400 paper a day by himself due to him distrusting others
      • Resulted in slow system of Gov. due to it not being delegated
      • Corruption at court bred mediocrity and conservatism
      • Il Prudente
      • 1579- Philip didn't travel around Spain- menaing subject felt his presence even less
    • Finance
      • Poor handling of Finances
      • Externally appeared wealthy due to bullion from NW.
      • Most money went to paying back debt
      • Alcabala tax increased x3- huge burden on poor
      • Signs of depression in agriculture by end of rule
      • CoF and CoW didn't communicate thus there was no planning expenses of war
    • Revolt of Aragon 1578
      • Philip had undermined Aragonese Fueros and justicia by appointing foreign minsters to be in charge
      • had sent in Castilian troops to protect against corsairs (french who conducted raids)
      • Philip overstepped prerogative by trying to make Perez stand trial in Castile
      • Philip didn't have full legal jurisdiction over whole of Spain
    • Morisco revolt 1568-70
      • After 1567 Philip passed edict limiting islamic practices.
      • Underminded Silk trade
      • Revolt exposed serious military weakness


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