Charles Foreign policy successes

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  • Charles' Foreign Policy successes
    • Habsburg-Valois Wars
      • Dynastic- held onto Flanders, Navarre, Artois and Naples
      • Took and kept Tournai
      • Battle of Pavia- Francis captured and released after exchanging sons for himself
        • Treaty of Madrid
      • Enables Hegemony in Italy
      • Maintained Spanish Road- Philip II becomes Duke of Milan 1540- stronger claim secured
    • Ottomans
      • Sulieman fails to take Vienna in 1529 + 1532- preserved Austrian patrimony
      • Charles takes Tunis (1535)- acquires Ottoman fleet
      • Takes Cruzada tax for crusade
      • No land threat- enables Spanish Road to be open
      • Maintains pariomony as only loses some territories in NA
    • New World
      • Disruptive nobility sent there- reducing instability in Spain
      • Influx of wealth pays of debt and gives prestige
    • Holy Roman Empire
      • Battle of Muhlberg- military success
      • Philip of Hesse publicly discredited for bigamy
      • Religious Peace of Nuremberg gave Charles assistance against Ottomans
      • Eventual alliance w/ Pope 150s
      • Troops, resources and gov very fragmented- could justify any failure


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