Psychology: Perception Notes

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  • Perception
    • Key Terms
      • Perception is how we interpret data we collect from our senses
      • Illusions is when we misinterpret data we collect through our senses
      • Shape Constancy is when an object keeps it's shape
      • Colour Constancy is when objects appear the same colour in different lighting conditions
      • Depth Cues: Linear Perspective- the sides converge at a point in the distance. Height in Plane- if something is above the imaginnary horizontal line it's further away. Sumper-imposition- If something blocks the imagine in front. Relative Distance- as we look into the distance objects get smaller. Texture Gradiant- something goes blurry or unfocused in the distance
    • Core Theory
      • Top Down Processing, when our perception is influenced by what we expect to see
      • Perceptual Set is the tendency to perceive based on what we expect
      • Motivation is how we feel effects how we see things
    • Alternative Theory
      • Bottom Up Processing is when we perceive things by the data given until we have an image in our minds
    • Core Study
      • Aim: to investigate the argument between Top Down and Bottom Up processing
      • Procedure:9 male college students in a repeated measures design, they were taken to a field divided into 4 sections, 1 was the arrival 2 real life objects which were known to size 3 real life objects that can be different sizes 4 two dimensional shapes, they then had to look at each section in turn and estimate each items distance
      • Results: almost all estimates made in section 2 were accurate but sections 3 and 4 were not
  • Applications: Advertising


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