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  • Peace and Conflict
    • Pacifists
      • "Love your enemies and turn the other cheek"
        • " do not kill" in decalogue
          • Jesus would not let peter fight when he got arrested
            • Innocent people suffer in wars
              • "Blessed are the peacemaker for they will be called the sons of god"
    • Just War
      • MUSLIM
        • Qur'an says that muslims should fight, if attacked
          • Muhammad fought in wars
            • There are many hadith fro muhammed saying that muslims should fight in wars
              • If dye in a "Just war" you will go to heaven
                • Must be in self defence or defence of Islam
                  • Must be at last resort
                    • Innocent people and plants must not be harmed
        • All christian churches believe you should keep the peace
          • St Paul said you should obey the laws of goverment so you shouldfight in wars for country
            • Jesus did not condem soildiers
              • Jesus allows christians to fight in wars if ordered by goverment
    • Bullying
        • Using violence without a "Just" cause is sinfull
          • Bullying is mistreating gods creation
            • Their duty to protect weak and innocent
              • All christians should protect human rights
                • Has harmful effects on society
      • MUSLIM
        • Should respect others
          • using violence without a just cause is sinful
            • Acting against the ummah
              • Protect the weak and innocent
                • "Every Muslim is a brother to every muslim" - No-one should bully their brothers so muslims shouldnt bully anyone
    • Family Conflict
      • Children no longer want to be apart of family religion
        • Parents have duty to bring children u in their religion
          • Parents worry without religion their children will sin
      • Children wanting to marry a partner of different faith
        • No religious wedding ceremony
          • Problems with deciding what religion children brought up with
            • Worries what will happen after death
              • familied feel betrayed
      • Children becoming more religious than parents
        • Telling parents to pray more or read bible more often
          • parents upset if their child wants to take a low-paid job as a priest or charity worker
      • Disagreements over moral issues
        • Couple wanting to live together and not marry
          • Family member has an abortion
            • Deciding to divorce and re-marry
    • forgivness and Reconciliation
      • Jesus dies on the cross to bring this
        • If you dont forgive, other wont forgive you
          • St paul taught that you should try and live in peace with everyone
            • ALL churches teach that you should forive and end conflicts
      • God is merciful to sinners so muslims should be too
        • the Qur'an says that muslims should forgive
          • Muhammed said muslims must be forgiving


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