Rise of the Nazis - Party attractions

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  • Party Attractions
    • The Nazi Party
      • Hitler had a wide appeal to the German electorate
      • Hitler promised to restore law and order
      • Hitler promised to make Germany great again
      • Nazi propaganda was brilliant
      • Hitler offered scapegoats for Germany's problems such as the Communists and the Jews
      • The Nazis were well organised
    • The Democratic Parties
      • Believed in free speech for the individual
      • Were against violence and force
      • The looked after both the middle and working class
      • Had run Germany since WW1 and had taken Germany through some difficult times
      • Wanted to make sure that personal property was kept safe
        • Believed people should not live in fear
    • The Communist Party
      • Had appeal to the working class and unemployed
      • Were well organised
      • Offered an alternative to traditional voting
      • Promised full employment and end to the depressions
      • Encouraged Germans to look to a better world where wealth was shared


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