Hitler's Rise to Power

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  • Hitler's Rise to Power
    • The Nazi Party (1920s)
      • 1919- Hitler joins the Nazi Worker's Party  1920- Hitler renames it the NSDAP  1921- Hitler becomes leader of the party, the Fuhrer and sets up the SA 1923- Hitler is arrested for the Munich Putsch     1924- Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in prison.    1925- Hitler rebuilds the party and introduces new tactics and structure (getting German's votes) to destroy democracy from the inside. 1928- Nazis do terrible in the general election and only win 2.5% of the votes.
      • Their beliefs:
        • Democracy should be destroyed and the Fuhrer should be the single leader.
        • The Aryan Germans are the master race and all other races are inferior.
        • German's should be united in one country.
        • Communism was to be destroyed.
        • The Aryan race would need to conquer 'living space' LEBEN-SRAUM in eastern Europe.
    • The Wall Street Crash and The Great Depression (1929)
      • This made the Weimar Republic look weak as Article 48 was created, this also proved that democracy wasn't working.
      • Increase in support for extremist parties. i.e Nazis and Communists.
    • Nazi Election Success
      • Nazis helped to reduce unemployment1928 - 2 million 1930 - 3 million 1933 -6 million
      • Nazis appealed to a wide range of society.
        • Middle-class they fear depression and that communist governments would confiscate their property.
        • Farmers took about 40% of the entire country and Hitler won their vote by hating on Stressemen's ideas.
        • Big Businesses were attracted to the party because they liked the idea of rearmament and hated communists.
      • Tactics:
        • Hitler's success in being an excellent orator.
        • Nazi promises such as solving the economic crisis, ignoring the ToV and building a strong Germany.
        • Nazi organisation raised money from business men and looked impressive to the German society.
        • Propaganda, run by Goebbels through the Olympics, Mein Kampf (out-selling the bible), radio, cinema, loudspeakers and posters.
        • Combating communism.
    • Hitler becoming Chancellor
      • The method of the Chancellors: Bruning, (terrible) Von Papen, (calls new elections as he can't get support) Von Schleicher (can't get enough support from the Reichstag) and then Hitler who is helped by Von Papen, then killed.
      • Reichstag Fire (February 27th 1933)
      • Enabling Act (March 23rd 1933)
        • KPD - Are all in prison due to the Reichstage Fire.
        • SPD - Socialists are the only ones who vote against this Act.Otto Wels is the chairmen of the party.
        • Centre Party - 2/3 of the vote and they vote Nazi because they can keep their jobs.
        • Nazis vote... Nazis
        • Catholics vote Nazis as Hitler promises to protect and give them there space. CONCORDAT signed July 20th 1933 to keep peace between the two.
        • Middle class hated the Weimar and Hitler protects business interests, they vote Nazi.
        • Nationalists are part of the NSDAP and Hitler planned to make the economy better, they also hated the Weimar.


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