Nazi Party

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  • Rise of Hitler and Nazi party.
    • Great Depresion
      • Wall street crash - US economy crashed and thous depending on it - German economy depended on US loans and soon weaknesses were reveled.
      • Unemployment rose from 1m to 6m with hours and wages cut.
      • millions went Hungary and homeless.
      • Middle class people lost their savings.
      • Coalition Gov collapsed no one could agree on what to do. President Hindenburg appointed Bruning as Chancellor but not many supporters so ruled by decree.
      • Political confusion led to people joining extremist Parties
      • Workers supported communists KPD and Nazis.
      • Growth of communist worried rich so they helped fund propaganda for Nazis in 1932 elections.
    • Main aims of Nazi Party.
      • German Workers Party set up DAP Hitler went to one of their meetings and joined soon became leader.
      • He changed name to NSDAP and adopted 25 point program.
        • Some of the points were 1. Scrape teaty of Versailles 2. remove all Jews from Germany 3. expand German Borders to give more 'living space'
      • Swastika became their emblem.
      • Set up SA - storm-troopers Brown shirted ex-soldiers went around attaching left wing parties.
      • Soon had 50,000 members revived some donations from businesses
    • Munich Putsch
      • When occupation of Ruhr was called of nationalists were furious.
      • Hitler wanted power so wanted to marched on Berlin.
        • this was unsuccessful.
      • Nov 1923 Nazis held meetings in a old beer hall
      • supported by General Ludendorff he went ahead with plans - beer hall putsch failed and march was stopped by army.
        • One police man was killed and 16 Nazis.
          • Hitler ran away but was soon arrested. he was put on trial and allowed to give speeches which were widely reported across Germany. and given 5 years but only served 9 months.
      • Putsch gave Nazis a lot of national attention.
    • Hitler reorganizes the Partey
      • 1925 relaunched the Party in his power.
      • Whilst in jail Hitler wrote a book called Mein Kampf expressing his view which helped spread Nazism.
      • Main ideas were nationalism,socialism, racial purity , lebensraum and traditional conversation-al values.
      • Special sections set up for Hitler youth, teachers, farming and students to attract more people to the party.
      • Party branches were set up around Germany.
      • 1926 Gobbles took control of propaganda by 1928 there was around 100,000 members.
      • Hitler realised if he wanted power he would have to stand for elections but he learnt from the Munich Putsch that he needed support of army and wealthy people
        • but in stead he set up black shirted ** troops in 1925 as his personal elite guards and use them to attack opponents - Himmler became head in 1929.
    • Who supported the Nazis.
      • Working classes were attracted by the promise of 'food and work'
      • The ideas of return to 'strong Germany'
      • middle class had lost there savings and wanted a strong leader to remedy the problem
      • wanted a return to traditional moral values.
      • Farmers were worried the communist would take there land away.
      • big business worried about communists
      • Nazis offered somthing for every one
      • young attracted by exciting speeches and promised families would be best looked after by the Nazis - this attracted Woman


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