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Module 1: The Rise of the Nazis ­ Answers
1. Adolf Hitler:
Adolf Hitler was born in Austria in 1889, but he lived in Germany from 1912 onwards.
His father died in 1903 and the death brought him much closer to his mother. His mother died in 1907.
Hitler applied…

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The authorities were sympathetic and gave Hitler a short sentence and in prison he was virtually under
house arrest and he served 9 months of his 5 year sentence
After 1924-25 Hitler moved away from a strategy of seizing power to a slow build of support to achieve
electoral support…

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The Nazi's had financial backings from industrialists such as Krupp and Bosch who were terrified of
the threat of Communism and knew Hitler would reduce its influence.

His speeches attracted many people and helped increase the membership and support of the Nazi
He appointed his…

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AGREEMENT: The agreement was to form a stable Nazi-Nationalist government, with Hindenburg as
President, Hitler as Chancellor and Von Papen as Vice-Chancellor.
FAVOURED BY: The army, large landowners and leaders of industry because it prevented any communists
holding power.


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