Westphal - Paragraph 4

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  • Paragraph 4 Westphal
    • "The emergence of modern philosophy of religion"
    • P4 - Pre-Kantian philosophical theology
    • Summary
      • Westphal looks into the Pre-Kantian Philosophical theology to set the background for the information.
        • Before Kant, Before the Enlightenment - before changes took place
      • Talks about 2 types of P.T - Both concerned with the existence & nature of God
        • Deism
          • The focus on reason alone
        • Scholasticism
          • Focusing on reason AND religion (everything else)
      • The Deistic view forms the back ground to the SEA-CHANGE
        • Reason = KERNAL (Kept)
        • Faith, Bible and the Church = HUSK (Put in the bin)
        • Shift in attention in philosophy away from God onto Religion


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