A02 - Critics of Structure of Westphals Essay

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  • A02 - Critics of Structure of Westphals Essay
    • Westphal talks about Kant before Hume
      • Not right as Hume came before Kant
        • it was Hume who woke Kant from his 'Dogmatic slumber'
          • Therefore Hume should be talked about first before Kant.
    • Kant
      • Westphal gives a lot of attention to Kant but only 2 paras given to Hume
        • Hume is a pivotal figure in the emergence of modern philosophy of religion.
          • the essay should have a fairer balance given the claims made at the beginning of the essay.
            • Hume could have been used more
              • eg in into of Humes book 'The Nature of religion' he talks about two key topics
                • 1)He does not agree that religion should have its foundations in reason
                  • Reasons can not make sense of Christian doctrines
                • 2) origins should be in human nature.
                • Westphal should mention this!
    • Westphal says no clear distinction between
    • Third Phase
      • Westphal has completely forgotten to consider a third Phase.
        • we haven't just moved from philosophical theology to philosophical religion
          • there  is a third stage that looks at the meaning of  Religious language
            • works of logical positivists
              • Ayer 1910
              • anti-realist perspective
              • says religious language can never correspond to god.
                • just refers to the language game of the speakers community of belief.
              • only accept realist language
    • Westphal thought Enlightenment put an end to the conflict between reason and revelation.
      • it didn't!
        • in the last century we have seen a rise  of religious fundamentalism
          • and a popular interest in angels, visions, prophecies.
          • Scholasticism
            • has made a comeback within intelligent design
              • Dawkins and Hitchens
                • have responded this with science, fundamentalism power and  reason.


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