Westphal Themes - A02, Do you agree?

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  • Westphal Themes - A02, Do you agree?
    • Philosophical Theology
      • Scholasticism
        • Faith + reason working together
      • Deism
        • Reason working alone
          • Separate from faith, revelation + authority
          • E.g Paleys watch anaology
    • The way Westphal himself writes
      • Doesn't give each philosopher fair amount of paragraphs
        • More focused on Kant than Hume
      • Disappointing approach
        • Doesn't give Hume enough credit for his role in the Enlightenment
      • W Limits the amount of philosophers included in the essay
      • W makes an assumption; that everyone before the 'sea change' only talks about God, and everyone after talks about religion.
      • W is assuming that H+K are first to be challenging the 'status quo'


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