Hegel's View

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  • Hegel
    • Hegel rejects Kant
      • Hegel believed that primary religion should be about God (rather than morality)
    • Hegel rejects Schleiermacher
      • Hegel thought it was impossible to separate 'true religion' from its beliefs and practices
      • An inner spiritual feeling has to be a feeling of something, it has to have content to it
      • Hegel believed that Schleiermacher's position at putting inner experience at the centre was in itself a belief
        • This gives his idea content and conceptual framework to religion even while he was saying it was unnecessary
    • Complains about the way philosophers decided God was 'unknowable' so switched to talking about religion instead
    • Tried to reformulate the deist project
      • Their concepts are only adequate to deal with the finite world, not the infinity of God
    • Religion and philosophy are closely similar
      • But true knowledge can be found only through philosophy
        • Because religion is too closely linked with imagery etc
    • Christianity is the highest form of religion because its teaching in incarnation (God in human form)


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