Pakistan Floods 2010

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  • Pakistan Floods 2010
    • Where?
      • North West Pakistan in the  mountainous Swat valley
      • Flooding had spread downstream effecting the Sindh region.
    • Causes
      • Heavy rain caused the Indus River and its tributaries to burst their banks
      • Highest water levels seen in 110 years on Indus River
      • August 2010 - more than half the normal monsoon rainfall fell in ony one week causing the worst floods for 80 years
      • Climate change? Has increased the number of intense weather events.
      • Urbanisation which increases surface run off and reduces infiltration
    • Why is Pakistan Vulnerable to Flooding?
      • Indus River provides water for one of the most irrigated areas
      • River Indus is full of sediment that causes the river channel to silt up - prone to flooding
      • Deforestation
    • Effects
      • Social
        • Livelihoods lost
        • 1,752 people died
        • Affected over 20 milion people
        • 1.8 million homes damaged
        • Waterborne diseases like cholera and typhoid are aregular threat
        • 1.2 millioinflood affected people are still living in over 5,000 schools.
        • 7 million people homeless and broke
        • Food shortages cause food riots
      • Environmental
        • Lack of resources to resist and recover from extreme flooding leaves damage to crops and livestock
        • 3rd of Pakistan covered with floodwater
      • Economic
        • Cost of rebuiliding process could top £10bn
        • Extensive damage to roads,buildings and irrigation works
        • 500,000 tonnes of wheat lost
        • Textiles industry acounts for 60% exports - the damage caused has led to more poverty
        • UN launched an appeal for $459m emergency aid
      • Political
        • Pakistani government in threat of becoming destabilized due to rising transport and food costs, living conditions and economic problems
        • Taliban could gain support by delivering aid and winning over public support - party leaders in Pakistan potentially
    • Responses
      • Pakistan recieved less aid than other disaster due to their Radical Islamist immage
        • Christian Aid tried to avoid working with Taliban


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