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Case Study: The Pakistan Floods
Background Information

Pakistan is made up of three regions: the mountainous North,
the flat highlands in the South-West and the plains of the
Punjab and Sindh regions.

The great Indus River runs through the country from the
Himalayas down to the Arabian Sea, 3,200 km…

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Physical Causes

Heavy rainfall Heavy rainfall fell in a short amount of time
257 mm in 24 hours

Saturated soil The rain saturated the soil
increased surface runoff
increased river discharge

Glacial water Melting glacial water contributed to the floods

Temperature Above average temperature in the Indian Ocean might…

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Social Economical Environmental
Claimed the lives of over 350 businesses were shut A third of Pakistan was
1,700 people down covered by floodwaters

Affected over 20 million Crops were destroyed so Ground was saturated over
people food prices increase and huge areas
many lost businesses
because of this



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