chesil beach

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  • On Chesil Beach
    • The Era and its effects on the relationship
      • 1962-just before the sexual revolution
      • Florence- very traditional yet more reserved than that of the norm- sex after marriage
      • Edward- before his time concerning sex, traditional yet is not reserved as Florence is
    • Novella- used to present the lack of honesty
      • Omnipresent narrator- can see both sides of Florence and Edwards relationship
      • Dramatic irony- we know of their feelings yet they do not
      • Lack of communication- Family Love
    • Lack of Communication
      • Link to Family Love
        • Edward- Mother- pretending everything is normal even though she is damaged
        • Florence- Father- Implied abuse, embarrassment and self hatred, secretive
        • Could be suggested they are using each other to replace the love they did not receive
      • They are letting their happiness be 'tarnished' due to their secrets- dramatic irony with omnipresent narrator
    • The Symbolic setting
      • Phallic imagery surrounding them, they cannot escape
      • Pure and untarnished sheets- links to the virginity
      • Pathetic fallacy- thunder and waves- insinuating the nature of their relationship


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