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On Chesil Beach
· Novel set it 1962
· This was before the availability of
contraceptive pills
· Men had to propose marriage before
having sex
· Many men and women were virgins before
marrying.…read more

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· Florence is a women of her time
· Nervous and anxious of her wedding night
· Inexperienced
· Petrified at the thought of having sex.
· "She was incapable of repressing her primal disgust, her visceral horror at being
doused in fluid, in slime from another body. In seconds it had turned icy on her skin in
the sea breeze, and yet, just as she knew it would, it seemed to scald her. Nothing in
her nature could have held back her instant cry of revulsion. The feel of it crawling
across her skin in thick rivulets, its alien milkiness, its intimate starchy odour, which
dragged with it the stench of a shameful secret locked in musty confinement - she
could not help herself - she must be rid of it."
· "And what had stood in their way? Their personalities and pasts, their ignorance and
fear, timidity, squeamishness, lack of entitlement or experience or easy manners ,
then the tail end of a religious prohibition, their Englishness and class, and history
itself. Nothing much at all."…read more

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Florence's music may have been more
important to her than Edward. She practices for
many hours a day, which shows how dedicated
she is to her career in music
· She comes across as an egotistic hysterical
character who has married Edward, yet not
telling him of her fears
· Even after separating, she filled her life with
music whilst Edward seemed the lost soul.…read more

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Edward and Florence
· Edward and Florence come from different backgrounds
· Edward is from a loving, but middle class family
· Florence comes from a wealthy family
· Florence's father offered Edward a job within his business
· We could say that if it was the other way round, then the marriage
could have had a better chance of surviving.
· Women at the time looked up to their husbands for financial support.
In 1962 it was unusual for the wife to have more money than the
· If Florence was not that advantaged of money, she may of fought
harder to save their marriage.…read more

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· Comes as a bizarre self absorbed
character who doesn't find it odd that
Florence does not like kissing him.
· He does not tell her of his nasty temper
and the fights he use to get into when he
was in his youth.
This shows us that neither of them have
an idea who the other person really is.…read more

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