Memory and Nostalgia- Duffy P.1

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  • Memory and Nostalgia
    • Nostalgia
      • Structure
        • Last stanza is 10 lines instead of 9
          • Experience has changed persona's life
          • Sense of things being different
      • Context
        • Reflect pain of soldiers
        • Naivety of society
      • Language
        • 'wrong taste..wrong sounds.. wrong smells
        • 'They pined, wept, grown men'
        • 'The music of home-the sad pipes'
        • 'It was killing them. It was given a name.'
    • Beachcomber
      • Structure
        • No stanza structure
          • Fluidity of memories: come and go
        • Alternating monometric and diametric lines in stanza 2
          • Reminiscent of waves on a beach
      • Context
        • Duffy sympathising with the displaced
          • Issues of age are often overlooked or ignored
        • Untitled
      • Language
        • 'That chair'
        • 'If you think till it hurts'
        • 'the sound of the sea'
        • 'Don't move. / Trow.'
        • 'This is as close as you get.'
        • 'Or the spade / or the sand / or the seashell on the shore'
    • Never Go Back
      • Structure
        • 3 sections, each of two octaves
          • Sections divide memories of relationships into stages or images
      • Context
        • Decay and pain of relationships
          • Relationship with Adrian Henri
      • Language
        • 'a tired wind whistles'
        • 'suddenly swarm in the room, sting you'
        • 'window myopic with rain.'
        • 'shaking plaster confetti from your hair.'


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