The Outsider

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  • The Outsider
    • Mersault's sensuality
      • The whole beach was reverberating in the sun and pressing against me from behind
      • the jolting and the smell of petrol and the glare of the sky reflecting off the road
    • Alienation from his own trial
      • for the first time I realized i was guilty
      • Things were happening without me even intervening
    • Cold Hearted individual
      • a son must refuse it beside the body of the one who brought him into the world
      • heart is so empty that it forms a chasm which threatens to engulf society
    • Corruption of society
      • I was caught in the mechanism again
      • between two such actions there existed a profound, tragic and vital relationship
    • Existentialism
      • everybody knows that life isn't worth living
      • the judge asked me if i had anything to add , I thought it over. I said no.
    • Afterword
      • the only christ that we deserve
      • he doesnt play the game
    • Rejection of Religion
      • i didn't know what sin was, i'd simply been told i was guilty


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