Omnipotence Paradox

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  • Omnipotence Paradox
    • Anselm & Descartes
      • Both philosophers depend on the idea that God is all powerful
        • Anything less than this would not be God as there would be something better
      • God can do anything including the impossible and self-contradictory
        • Voluntarism
    • Aquinas & Swinburne
      • Both philosophers argue that God can do everything logically possible
        • We have to understand ‘everything’ as being things (impossible things are not things)
      • God can do everything logically possible
        • Non-voluntarism
    • Peter Vardy
      • Argues that God has self imposed limitations so that the universe can exist the way it is
      • God deliberately limits his own power
    • Whitehead & Hartshorne
      • God should be thought as unsurpassable and not all powerful
        • God can overcome all resistance and can be challenged
      • God should be seen as unsurpassably great and not all powerful
    • The Omnipotence Paradox is the idea that all powerfulness seems to be self-contradictory
      • The Stone Paradox: could an omnipotent being (God) create a stone too heavy for it to lift? - Mackie (1955)
      • Can an all powerful being do anything even the impossible or is it just the best possible being?


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