Evaluate the Problems of God's Omnipotence Essay Plan

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Evaluate the Philosophical Problems raised by the belief that is Omnipotent
Advantages Disadvantages
It is not simple to just say that God is 3 definitions of God's Omnipotence
omnipotent without defining what is meant 1. God can do anything, including the
by omnipotent. There have been various logically impossible
problems raised when discussing God's 2. God can do anything that is logically
power such as God's sin, can He run and impossible
jump? Can He make a square circle? 3. God is almighty
The paradox of the stone can question The version of omnipotence that God can do
God's omnipotence. The basic argument is anything that is logically possible is more
can God create a stone too heavy for Him to understood concept by many philosophers.
lift? If He can, then He is not omnipotent, if This would mean that God can do anything
He can't create it then He is also not which does not violate God's nature or that
omnipotent is deemed logically impossible (square
circle). Therefore, those initial philosophical
problems raised by God's omnipotence are
no longer a problem as God being able to
sin or change the past are classed as
logically impossible actions and so are not
accounted for
This can be known as logically impossible Plantinga argued that an omnipotent being
and there are three different views on God's may not necessarily have omnipotence as a
power to the logical impossible and the main quality, but instead God has limited his
problem raised regarding omnipotence is the power of free will
logically impossible
It is hard to understand an omnipotent God Further support comes from Anselm, who
who can do the logically impossible but this agreed that the logically impossible does not
is the view that Descartes' agreed with. So come into God's power as to say God can
subsequently, he would say that God can sin would display a lack of control and God
make 2+2=5, many philosophers sees this cannot do that
as not solving any problems that God's
power raises as it leads us to assume God
can sin.
Aquinas argued against this on the basis
that actions that are logically impossible are
not actions at all, C.S Lewis furthered this
Omnipotence implies that God could have Some might object that God's power is not a
created a perfect world, one without evil or power to do everything but yet a power over
natural disasters everything and this is what is meant by the

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