Attributes of God

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  • Attributes of God
    • Omnipotence
      • Can God do the logically impossible? Some say that God not being able to do the logically impossible doesn't detract from his omnipotence as he's just not doing something illogical.
        • Stone paradox: 'Can God create a stone he can't lift? If he can, then he lacks the power to lift it, If he can't create the stone, then he lacks power.' Can God create a being whose will is so free he can't control it?
          • BUT some would argue that this doesn't detract from his omnipotence as it would be illogical for him to create a stone he can't lift
          • John Macquarrie - any limitations of God's omnipotence are self-imposed as he chooses to because of his love for humanity . God didn't give Jesus full omnipotence but only some divine power so he could remain human.
            • Peter Vardy (Puzzle of Evil). God's omnipotence is much more kimited than many Christians have previously suggested. Wrong to suggest that everything that happens is because of the will of God.
    • Aquinas 'God's power can do anything'. God's omnipotence considers what logic permits. God sustains the universe so to contradict it is to contradict himself.
    • Boethius - God may not directly cause our actions but in seeing them become necessary and we can't do otherwise.
    • Boethius continued - pointless for God to reward or punish if our actions are predestined. Why bother praying if the outcome won't change?
      • Free Will of humans causes these things; God surveys time in an eternal present. That is all of what we call time is 'now' for God. God is outside past, present and future so isn't subject to time.


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