God's Omnipotence

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  • God's omnipotence
    • God can do anything!
      • View held by Descarted = no limitations on God, he can make a square circle or a round square
      • CRITIQUE = Aquinas believed logically impossible actions are not actions at all - not proper things
        • agreed by C.S. Lewis
      • God can even do the logically impossible
      • CRITIQUE = J.L Mackie believed there was no thing which was logically impossible
    • God can do anything logically possible!
      • Plantinga agreed and suggested = an omnipotent being may not have omnipotence as a necessary quality as he may choose to limit his powers to preserve free  will
      • Aquinas possesses this view as it allows events such as the red sea parting possible but cannot violate the laws of logic
      • Solves paradoxes such as the stone paradox as logically impossible is not assumed
      • God  cannot sin because it contradicts the nature that God is good
        • Anselm echoed this as sin involves a lack of control over ones actions
    • God is almighty
      • An alternative interpretation by Geach = God has the capacity for power OVER everything and not to do everything
    • Problems with God's omnipotence: can God sin? run? create a round square?
    • Stone paradox = can God make a stone too heavy for him to lift? if he cant make it he is not omnipotent, if he cant lift it he is not either
    • 3 definitions for what is meant by God being omnipotent




please could you explain what is meant by the three definitions of God being omnibenevolent? 

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