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  • Olympics
    • Tourism
      • Increase in proft for businesses
      • Showcasing the country
        • Make them want to come back
        • The country looks good
    • Creation of jobs
      • Facilities to be built
      • experience gathered of different communities
    • legacy created for next generation
      • Younger athletese want to go out and play sport
        • More people will keep fit
    • Increase in pride behind the country and GB
      • increased medal talleys
    • wide range of sports being focused on
      • Minority sports like handball get attention
    • Paralmpics get a large amount of focus
      • countries perception changed on disabled people
    • Jobs will dissapate after olynpics have finsished
    • cost of the olympic facilities and accomodation will be huge
    • Possibility of terroist attacks
    • Embarresment for the country
      • Country could look bad and have a negative effect
    • wasted facilities
      • pressure on local area
        • Police and emergency services exc.
        • On the roads and public transport
    • past olympics
      • Berlin 1936
        • Jesse owens, 4 gold medals, hitler refused to shake hands
      • Mexico City 1968
        • Joghn Carlos and Tommie Smith did the black power salute on the podium
      • Mucnich 1972
        • Israeli athletes taken hostage and some killed
      • Montreal 1976
        • 28 countries boycotted olympics due to arpthied
      • Moscow 1980
        • 62 countires boycotted olympics due to invasion of afghanistan
      • LA 1984
        • 15 countires boycotted in response to amercains boycotting soviet games




A very informative resource, thank you.

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