International Factors

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  • International Sports Events
    • Olympics
      • Berlin Olympics 1936
        • Hitler had a strict master race policy and also a strict non jew policy, so the american team turned upto the olympics with jesse owends the highly antisipated athlete, he won medals much to hitlers dis approval
          • Hitler refused to hand out medals to Smith and Carlos because they were not part of the dominant race
    • International Sport
      • Brings unity
        • Inspires generations
    • Disadvantages
      • Possibility of Terrorist attacks
        • Can put countries in debt
          • Wasted Facilities
    • Los Angeles, The soviet union boycotted the games as New Zealand played against south africa in the rugby
    • Moscow 1980, America boycotted the games due to political reasons.
  • Mexico Olympics 1968
    • Thirty two years after Jesse Owens won gold at Berlin, Black people were still disrespected and were not recognised as being world class athelhletes, but they were. John Carlos and Tommy Smith won gold and silver respectively in their races and when they were on the podium they did not sing a word of their national anthem, America but they stood there with one glove on each of there right hands as a part of unity and trust in each other and stood there and saluted to show people around the world on the biggest stage of them all that black people are good athletes and should be ackowledged as two great olympians
  • Advantages
    • People will know more about the country
      • Increase in Tourists
  • The facilities will be world class standard
  • Munich 1972, The palastinians took 9 iisraelies hostage and eventually killed.


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