International Factors

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  • International Factors
    • What are they?
      • World Championships, Common Wealth Games, Olympics, Wimbolden, Superbowl, Champion League, World Cups, Opens, Tour de France.
    • Why we have them
      • Opportunity to travel, brings people together, inspire a generation and increases participation, draws attension, creates a home advantage to countries
    • Hosting
      • Advantages
        • Olympic villages open for cheap housing
        • brings tourism to their country
        • regeneration of run down area which creates jobs (all types)_
        • World Class facilities created- based sporting camps eg. universites were enhanced.
        • a legancy of facilities for everybodies use
      • Disadvantages
        • putting country into debt by spending money on hosting
        • Jobs were only tempary on building buildings
    • History Of Olympic Games
      • 1936- Berlin. White, jews and blacks were to take part. Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals. Hitler refused to reward medals to him.
      • 1968- Mexico City. Tommy Smith and John Carlos did a Black Power Salute when standing on the podium- highlighting descrimination of blacks in USA.
      • 1972, Munich. Eleven Israeli olympians were murdered by terroists. They came for the request of the release of Palestrians in Isreal
      • 1976- Montreal. Durg allergrations. New Zealand has just done rugby tour around Africa, mirred in apartheid. New Zealand were threatened by Africa to be boycotted from the games.
      • 1980, Moscow. Largest Boycott if an olympic history. United States and 61 other countries.
      • 1984, Los Angeles. U.S boycotted again and 17 other countries. Money causing problems and bebt. 1st Commuslised game.


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