Unit 4: Agriculture - Nutrition

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  • Nutrition
    • Autotrophic Organisms - make their own high energy food
      • Photoautotroph - uses light e.g. plants
      • Chemoautotrophs - harness energy by oxidising inorganic substances
      • Do not have to rely on other organisms for food
    • Heterotrophic Organisms - gain their high energy food from other organisms
      • Herbivores - eat plants
        • Ruminants - large stomachs with symbiotic bacteria that digest cellulose
          • Can feed almost anywhere
        • Others only eat fruit, seeds and potatoes
        • Area can support a greater biomass of herbivores than carnivores
      • Carnivores - eat other animals
        • Smaller total food energy resource than herbivores
      • Omnivores - digest both animal and plant foods
        • Can be fed on wastes of food production


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