New Tricks: Case Study

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  • New Tricks: Case Study
    • Genre Conventions
      • Borrows heavily from the conventions of Golden Age
      • Hybridization of two popular genres is what makes it so popular
      • Standard conventions include interviewing suspects in an interview room, audiences being deliberately shown the extensive paperwork that is associated with every Police investigation
      • USP of New Tricks being that often one of the investigators was initially involved in the original investigation or has knowledge of the current suspects being interviewed.
      • There is normally order restored  when the team have solved the crime – this is followed by the appearance of a much younger serving, higher ranking Police Officer who expresses his gratitude to Detective Superintendent Sandra Pullman but not directly to the rest of the team who are seen as renegades.
      • Despite their status as ‘retired’, rank and hierarchy are still relevant with Amanda Redman in charge of the other three colleagues who begrudgingly recognise and respect her role. This is very typical of Police Dramas where rank and status are crucial within the narrative.
    • Representation
      • The male characters are visibly older than Sandra as they have grey hair and wrinkles and she is stereotypically good looking with blonde hair and cleavage.
      • Redman controls the investigations and takes charge of most situations while also appearing sexualised for the male gaze
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