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  • Nepal - Annapura Conservation Area Project
    • management plan was launched to balance basic needs of local inhabitants, tourism development & nature conservation
      • Recognises that protecting wildlife and maintaining bio diversity must involve local people as stake holders and deliver tangible economic benefits to them
    • ACAPs main source of income is a fee charged to tourists. This money supports 40,000 local people in the ACA.
      • Local people have been able to improve their standards of living & at the same time protect the env.
    • Supports reafforestation programmes as well as water soil and wildlife conservation
      • Not only help the env. but provide employment for locals. e.g forest guards, trekking guides & mountain rescue peronnel
      • income from tourism fees and donor organisations is used to build schools, maintain trails, and improve sanitation facilities.
        • linked to raising incomes and standards of living ad gives people a reason to support ACAP.
    • Problems of excessive population growth are being tackled by adult literacy schemes and family planning clinics.


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