Causes of flooding in Bangladesh

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  • Causes of flooding in Bangladesh
    • Physical
      • Snowmelt from the Himalayas takes place in the late spring and summer
      • Bangladesh experiences heavy monsoon rains, especially over the highlands
      • Tropical storms bring heavy rains and coastal flooding
      • 70% of the total area is less than 1 metre about above sea level.
      • 10% of the land area is up of lakes and rivers.
      • Most of the country consists of a huge flood plain and delta.
      • The main cause was the above average and long period of heavy rain which caused all 3 rivers to have their peak flow at the same time.
      • Cyclones causes coastal flooding.
    • Human
      • Deforestation in Nepal and the Himalayas increases run off and adds to deposition.
      • Urbanisation of the flood plain has increased magnitude and frequency of floods.
      • The building of dams in India has increased the problem of sedimentation in Bangladesh.
      • Global warming is blamed for sea level rise, increased snow melt and increased rainfall in the region.
      • Poorly maintained embankments (levees) leak and collapse in times of high discharge.


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