Flood management in Bangladesh 1989 Flood Action Plan

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  • Flood management in Bangladesh (1989 Flood Action Plan)
    • Long term
      • Develop an effective flood warning scheme
      • Reduce deforestation in Nepal and Himalayas
      • Build 7 large dams in Bangladesh to store excess water. $30-40 million and 40 years to complete.
      • Build 5000 flood shelters to accommodate all of the population.
      • Build 350km of embankment- 7 meters high at a cost of $6 billion to reduce flooding along the main river channels.
      • Create flood water storage
    • Short term
      • Boats to rescue people.
      • Emergency supplies of food, water, tents and medicines.
        • Water purification tablets
      • Fodder for livestock
      • Free seed given to farmers.
      • Repair and rebuild houses as well as services such as sewages etc,
      • Aid from other countries


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