Nazi youth organisations

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  • Nazi youth organisations
    • Nazi aims for young people
      • Girls to be strong and healthy to be strong wives and have children
      • Boys to be strong and healthy in order to work for the German economy and fight in the German forces
      • To be loyal supporters of the Nazi party & believe Nazi policies
      • To be proud Germans who supported a strong, independent Germany
    • Boys activities
      • Military-style camps
      • Signalling
      • Helping the fire brigade during the war
      • Military drills
      • Formed military brigades to defend Berlin in 1945
      • Shooting
    • Girls activities
      • Cookery
      • Housework
      • Needlework and craft
      • Learning what to look for in a good husband
      • Learning about childcare and babies
    • Boys & Girls activities
      • Hiking and camping
      • Learning about Hitler
      • Learning about racial superiority
      • Singing patriotic songs
      • Sport and competitions
      • Taking part in Nazi marches and rallies
      • Reporting people who made anti-Nazi comments
      • Collecting for Winterhilfe (a charity)


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